Revised May 1998

Approved by the Board of Governors May 22, 1998


1. Skiffs must be kept in good repair and bailed.

2. Skiffs must be twelve feet or less in overall length and five feet or less in beam. *

3. Skiffs must have adequate gunwale padding to protect neighboring skiffs.

4. Skiffs with outboards exceeding 15 HP will not be allowed.

5. Oarlocks must be shipped.

6. Skiff lines must be kept out of the water and neatly coiled.

7. Skiffs shall be moored on the centerline. Skiffs with outboards must use a bridle to meet this requirement.

8. Pullout positions are designated Inner, Middle or Outer. These positions must be observed.

9. Those using skiff lines after the October workday must remove their lines in the fall and give them to the Steward or Waterfront facilities chairman.

10. Questions and concerns about the use of the lines should be addressed to the Steward. Issues that cannot be resolved with the Steward should be taken to the Waterfront facilities chairman.

11. Failure to observe these rules may result, upon vote by the Board of Governors, in loss of skiff line privileges.


12. Skiff line assignments are made by the Steward in consultation with the Membership Chairman. Requests for skiff lines may be addressed to either the Membership Chairman or Steward. The Membership Chairman shall maintain an up-to-date list of skiff line assignments and a waiting list, if there are more requests for lines than there are lines available. Members requesting skiff line assignments shall be placed at the bottom of the waiting list unless a skiff line assignment is currently available.

13. Skiff lines, and positions on the Skiff Line Waiting List, will be assigned to Active Members only.

14. Active Members in good standing unable to use an their assigned skiff line in a given year may retain their assignment for that year by paying the applicable yearly fee and by notifying the Membership Chairman before July 1 of their intention not to use the line.

15. Skiff lines made available under Item 14, above, will be temporarily reassigned to the members currently at the top of the Skiff Line Waiting List in the order in which their names appear and upon payment by them of the applicable yearly fee. These members will retain their current position on the waiting list until a permanent assignment becomes available.

16. A member on the Skiff Line Waiting List who is offered a permanent skiff line assignment and refuses it shall be moved to the bottom of the List. The choice available under Item 14, above, shall not be applicable to new skiff line assignments.

17. Lines are subject to forfeiture if Yacht Club dues and the Skiff Line fee are not paid by July 1 of the year in question.

18. Members holding lines are expected to keep the Steward informed of their plans so that lines not in use for a period of a week or more during the season can be made available for temporary re-assignment.

19. A line not in use by August 1 will be considered abandoned and subject to forfeiture unless the line holder has been granted a deferment under Rule 14, above.

20. Inquiries regarding skiff line assignment rules should be addressed to the Membership Chairman.

* Members assigned a line who had a boat larger than this limit on a line in 1997 by agreement with the Steward or Waterfront Chairman can continue to use that boat on their line until it must be replaced. All newly assigned and replacement skiffs must conform to the specified limit.